Cleaning-supplies-for-deep-cleaning-a-residential-homeK & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance – Spokane, Airway Heights, Coeru d’Alene, Janitorial Service, Cleaning Service, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning

1.) What services does K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance offer?

K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance offers janitorial cleaning, custodial maintenance, wall cleaning, interior window cleaning, residential cleaning, complete floor cleaning, pre-occupancy cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, all a testament to our commitment to meeting customer needs through my services.

2.) Are you licensed and insured?

K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance is  licensed, insured and bonded.

3.) How can I get an estimate?

You can request a free estimate on our site, or just call us at (509) 655-2927

4.) What is K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance geographical service area?

K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance serves Spokane and surrounding areas within 80 Miles.

5.) Why should I choose K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance?

K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance is a detail oriented company that  strives to improve our services based on customer feedback. With K & J’s Janitorial & Maintenance you are guaranteed a job done right! We work closely with clients to meet their needs. Our communications network allows for easy access to our managerial and supervision staff.